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Jul. 21st, 2009 03:14 pm
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Figured I ought to have one of these.

Anon commenting is on and IP logging is off.


Jul. 29th, 2008 12:24 am
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Character name: Tula, AKA Aquagirl

Base of operations: Formerly Atlantis, currently Titan's Tower. Where ever Garth is.
Reasons for applying: Partially because the character was requested for a plot, and partially because I have a serious weak spot for spunky female support-cast characters. Stories and plots I would like to explore with Tula include how spending the better part of a decade as a silent witness (mostly to all of the stuff that happened to Garth since she died) affects a person who isn't prone to introspection and inaction and how spending her most of her twenties dead instead of finding herself affects her relationships with the people she knew, especially the man she loves and the son of the man she loves.
I’d be most interested in bouncing her off various Titans, the Titans' villains, undersea characters (especially Dolphin), and a round two against Chemo.
Sample Post:
Garth slept. Tula floated.

She'd lost count of how many nights she'd watched over him in his sleep, pretending that she could touch his hair, his face, rub away the lines on his brow. It was easier to do when he was asleep. Sometimes he almost seemed to respond.

"How long has it been, Garth?" she asked, rolling over on her back in midair. "I haven't even bothered looking at a calendar since...whenever I last looked." Whenever that was.

She sighed heavily and rolled back onto her stomach, resting her chin on one hand while the other reached out to cup Garth's cheek. Not that he could feel it. Not that she could feel it.
She followed him throughout his day, trying not to be envious that he could interact with other people. At the very least they acknowledged him when he was where they needed to be – having people pass through you without so much as an 'excuse me' was still weird, and she’d been dead for... for...

A way long time, that’s how long.

She floated to one of the upper corners of the room and sat cross-legged in the air, trying to figure out exactly how long she'd been losing time. It was as good a pastime as any, since she had nothing to do but pass time. It was to her own unending shock that she hadn't gone crazy yet. Sitting and thinking had always been more Garth's thing than her's, she'd wanted to go do things. Visit the surface world, go to concerts, to parks, shopping malls…

She couldn't even thump her head against the wall in frustration. Being dead sucked.

"All right," she said aloud. Not like anyone could hear her. "Cerdian is...eight? Yes, eight. I think. We'll go with eight, unless you want to chime in with any corrections, Garth? No? Eight it is! So, add nine months to that..."

She started sketching the math out on the air in front of her, letting her mouth run. It gave her something to do.


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