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Name:Tula of Avalon
Birthdate:Feb 2
Website:DC Nation
((This is an RP journal for [community profile] dc_nation. Tula and all of the other characters belong to DC comics, and I have no claim to any of them.))

Orphaned by her parents soon after her birth, Tula was adopted by one of the noble families of Atlantis. At age fourteen, she planted an enthusiastic kiss on Garth of Atlantis, also known as Aqualad, and the two of them went off on a wild, romping teenage adventure. She sometimes assisted the Teen Titans, becoming an honorary member and taking the name Aquagirl in honor of her boyfriend and Aquaman.

She died fighting Chemo during the Crisis at the age of 19. However, that was not the end to her story. Finding herself mysteriously attached to Aqualad (who eventually grew to become Tempest), she passed time watching over him and trying not to go crazy over not being able to do anything. The brightest point in her life-after-death thus far has been delivering a truly satisfying pummeling to Tempest’s fembot-wife during a battle on the astral plane (the darkest when Garth's evil uncle, Slizzath, violated her grave and used her face and memories to attempt to strip Garth's powers from him, forcing him to kill "her" with his bare hands).

Then Tula's body turned up alive without her in it and under HIVE control. After nearly passing on and spending some time sharing Garth's body, the goddess Aphrodite put her back in her own body, and she and Garth got married as quickly as possible.

Then Garth was murdered by the construct version of Dolphin, and Tula had to fight her for custody of Garth's son, Cerdian. Construct Dolphin fled into the ocean when Aquaman returned, bringing the real Dolphin with him. Shortly thereafter, Tula was approached by Atlantean refugees who asked her for help founding their own country. She did help, and incorporated the Amazon refugees left over from the Killswitch debacle into the system, and was rewarded with the executive leadership of the government.

Tula was the only Titan to fully survive Blackest Night. Fortunately, this meant that all the other Titans came back to life. Tula and Garth's second wedding is going to involve significantly more people.

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aquachick, aqualad, atlantis, boytackling, comics, concerts, dancing, fighting bad guys, flirting with garth, politics, running a country, superheroes, swimming, titans, watching garth sleep
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